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We started to use Shannon’s pets sitting service few years ago and saw the difference right away – we know exactly who ( and know personalty this person ) would come to visit our cats each time, getting report with pictures after visit if we asked it. Very good, very professional service. Thank you-Galina Goncharov

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While we were gone, Shannon sent us daily updates and pictures of our cats. It put our minds at ease to see how happy the cats looked. When we came home, the cats were not stressed out at all like they have been when we’ve boarded them in the past. The litter boxes were all clean, our mail was right where we asked Shannon to leave it, and the water dishes were clean and filled.
I used to be a pet sitter, so I know a good one when I see one. Shannon pays attention to the details, and she will treat your pets like her own. I’m so glad we found Shannon so that our pets can stay home while we’re gone and we won’t have to worry about them. We know they are in good hands with her.- Donna & Christopher Kozanecki

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 Shannon is very attentive, and everything has always gone really well. She texts me pictures of our pets while we’re away. We’ve used her service multiple times in the past, and we’ll continue working with her in the future. - Marybeth Schwartz

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Bo the Bearded Dragon

While watching my kitty over Christmas, Shannon pointed out some signs of kidney disease to me that I hadn’t picked up on. She saved his life. He is doing much better now thanks to her! icon smile Pet Sitting & Pet Care Testimonials & Reviews I would definitely recommend Shannon! icon smile Pet Sitting & Pet Care Testimonials & Reviews -Taylor Teitjen

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I recently moved to Illinois and without any friends or family in the area, I needed a pet sitter. I found Shannon on a google search and started looking into her services for my 3 cats. After reading so many great things about Shannon and her pet-sitting service I decided to try her out. She is awesome! She is very professional, friendly, has training in vet assistance and loves animals. My husband and I went away for a weekend and Shannon took great care of our cats. Even my shy boy was loving her belly rubs within only a few minutes of her arrival. Shannon is trustworthy, a great communicator and a great person. I highly recommend Shannon’s Pet Sitting Service! - Kelly Agostnelli
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“This is our 3rd time using Shannon, I would not even think of using a different pet sitter. We just lost one of our dogs one week before vacation and were very hurt, Shannon sent us a card and a beautiful momento as well as a tribute on her facebook page. It is apperant that she LOVES her work and the critters she watches.
When we were gone on vacation Rocky was not eating well so Shannon concoted a special dinner for him so he would eat! (yes she cooked for our Rocky!) She texted me on vacation to ask permission to take him on a walk and then put pictures online of a very happy pooch that just lost his room mate and his family all in one week! When i got home the fish were fed, the mail was on the island, the house was spotless and the dishes were even done! Do not hesitate to use Shannon, she is the real deal! THANK YOU SHANNON! - Mike Smalley
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“Shannon has cared for my dog for the last two summers. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to provide care for my dog the way Shannon does. My dog is very shy and submissive but she took to Shannon like a dog takes to wet food. LOVES her. Shannon brings in my mail and gargage cans as well which is above and beyond what I expected. She is completely trustworthy, dedicated and loves what she does. I would and have recommended her to others in a second. (I wear her hats and t-shirts too!!!) She’s the best and when she is in charge, I have no concerns about how my fur baby. I know she is in the best care possible.”- Heather Maiman
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“Shannon provided pet sitting for us. We have two cats and two ferrets. One of the ferrets was ill and needed special care. Shannon did a great job taking care of him and providing daily feedback and pictures for us. I would recommend her highly.” - Mari Minor
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Snowball & Smokey

“I have had Shannon’s Pet Sitting care for my 2 cats while I was out of town of 2 different occasions.  Shannon made sure that they had food, fresh water, and scooped the litter boxes.  One of my cats is on thyroid medication, which Shannon administered daily.  She text-messaged me with reports on how the cats were doing and included pictures of them.
This was my first experience in hiring a professional pet sitter, and I was very pleased.  I would definitely call Shannon’s Pet Sitting again.”- Karla Close


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We needed to head out of town for a memorial service and hated the thought of sending our two little pups to a kennel. Shannon came to our home for a meet and greet and we knew right away she would be perfect. Her love for animals was evident as soon as we met her.  She went out of her way to make sure we would not worry about our furry friends while we were away from home. Shannon updated us with text messages and even sent pictures! We have since hired Shannon for some stop by visits when work schedules were hectic. We will plan future trips, whenever possible, around Shanon’s schedule to make sure we can enjoy our time away with no worries.”- Jody Schulz-Maude
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Izzy & Ernie

Shannon checked on our two cats and house daily while we were on vacation.
Everything went went while we were gone. Shannon texted pictures of the cats and gave us updates during our time away from home. Everything in the house was in order and the mail was brought in. I would definitely trust Shannon with our pets and home in the future. – Lisa Hintermeister
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Shannon met with us & our 2 cats & dog before she actually took care of them. They really seemed to like Shannon right away. Somehow animals can sense friendly people. We showed her were their food & toys were, where they slept at night, emergency phone numbers, etc. She even offered to water our plants. She took care of them for them for 4 days. She came to let our dog out in the morning, afternoon & spent some time with them in the evening for play time & exercise. Our dog became ill one day while we were gone & with all her many years of vet experience Shannon has had, she new exactly what to do. She notified us right away of the situation & that she had everything under control. We felt very confident with Shannon & had no worries at all. Last spring we were gone for a few days & Shannon stopped by several times to check up & feed the cats. We were able to take our dog with us on this trip. We never worry about our pets when we’re gone when Shannon is there to take care of them. I find that she is very reliable & very honest. These are qualities that now-a-days seem to be hard to find in people. Shannon charged us $15 each stop at the time. We plan on going away again in the future & when we do it will be Shannon that will be watching our pets.”- Robbie Soska

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“Without Shannon to take care of our American Bulldog, we would not have been able to go on trips. Stirling required some medical attention and Shannon was able to provide it. Once, we were away on a trip, she took him to our vet because he had bladder infection and followed through for the rest of the week, providing the necessary care for him.” Ruth Sutton

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“Shannon did an amazing job with our dogs. She watched them while we were in the hospital having our first child and it was nice not having the added stress of who was watching our dogs. We knew they were well taken care of and in good hands. She listened to everything we said and maintained their usual routine very nicely. ” Carissa & Chris Mingo

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Aspen & Allie


“Shannon has been a loyal, kind and gracious pet sitter for our english bulldog, Bam, for more than 2 years. She always has Bam’s best interest at heart. Shannon lets us know in advance if she is going to be available to watch Bam during a holiday as well as if she’s going to be out of town or unavailable. It is extremely evident that she cares very deeply for each pet she takes care of. If we ever need her last-minute she’s always able to help out. Bam is a part of our family and we only want the best for him. We know that Shannon provides wonderful care and would recommend her to anyone needing assistance with their pets.” Katie & Justin Pelizza

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My wife and I hired Shannon’s Pet Service to take care of our kitties as we were leaving the country for a week for a family vacation. Shannon was completely professional, caring and courteous. Each day she texted how our cats were doing. It was a nice touch and allowed us to enjoy our vacation without worrying about the kitties. I can’t stress enough how wonderful Shannon was. As a matter of fact, we’ve just engaged her services again. On a side note another family member hired Shannon and was completely thrilled with her services. Shannon’s Pet Service is *highly* recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” - Suzette & Charles Brien

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Quinn & Bob


“Shannon has been a kind and loving cat sitter for our two cats and takes on added responsibilities like plant watering, mail gathering and checking out the house while we are out of town. I give the the highest marks possible!” Gloria Shapiro

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Carmel – Bermese


“On numerous occasions, Shannon has taken care of my diabetic elderly dog. She always takes very good care of Shayna. She even takes her for car rides and to visit friends.Shannon stays at our home with Shayna when we travel and the house is always tidy upon our return. I would feel very comfortable recommending Shannon to care of anyone’s pet since my dog is a high risk animal and Shannon did a loving job. Susie Duboe-Bryant

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“Shannon responded quickly to my request for information and was extremely forthcoming and cheerful. She was very professional and made my frantic, last minute, rushed search for a Pet Sitter into a quick, painless, straightforward process. Shannon took total responsibility and I went away with NO WORRIES. I returned to find that she had gone beyond expectations. Thanks to Shannon !!” Charles Beals

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“Shannon’s been taking care of my cats for years. I’ve always been happy with her service, but didn’t think much about it. This Thanksgiving however, my kitty got sick two days before I was supposed to go away! She had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and would be ready to come home the day I left! I called Shannon and she took care of everything.. including my worries!! She picked Connie up from the hospital (which was a half hour away), brought her home, made sure she was alright, administered her medicine AND kept me updated the whole time. All this at her busiest time of the year! Because of Shannon I was able to go home without to much guilt, and know that my kitty was in very good hands! I unconditionally recommend Shannon! Jennifer Wright

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“Shannon watched our dog for a few days while my husband and I were in Jamaica. While we were gone, not only did she take great care of Gabby girl, she watered our plants and got our mail. We loved that Gabby could stay at her own house. We would definitely recommend her services.” Danielle Mau

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“I wholeheartedly recommend Shannon Cole fore these reasons:

1.  Shannon is extremely reliable.

2.  Shannon is skilled and caring.

3.  Shannon’s rates are very reasonable.

Shannon has taken care of my cats when I’ve gone out of town for many years.  When I had an elderly diabetic cat, Oliver, Shannon visited him twice a day and gave him his insulin injections.  I rely on her now to take care of my two young bundles of fur and energy, Henry and Timothy, whenever I’m away.  I can be confident that they are in excellent hands!” Diana Reiser

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“My husband and I treat our pups like our children (we are empty nesters with 2 shih tzus). We were hesitant to vacation because our dogs are traumitized just by going to a groomer, let alone staying with a “stranger” in our home. I can honestly tell you, Shannon changed all that. We received text messages to put our mind at ease and let us know the pups were happy, eating and enjoying their walks. When we returned, the pups really didn’t care that we were gone, or that we were back. Our house was safe, our plants watered, our dogs happy, our mail brought in….. Shannon is a keeper.” MaryAnn Zemla

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“I hired Shannon as a pet sitter for my two cats during my week long vacation. She did a wonderful job feeding my cats and clearing the litter. What impressed me most is that she is a super nice person and very professional with animals. My very shy little kitten fell in love with her from day 1 when she came to pick up my door key. I am pretty happy about the service.” Ruoruo (Lily) Zhang

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“Shannon stayed in our home and took care of our pug, Letty, when our family was out of the country and she did a fabulous job!  Letty has some health issues and Shannon’s frequent updates and photo’s sent via cell phone were incredibly reassuring that all was well.  We felt we could relax and enjoy our vacation knowing Letty was healthy and happy.  When we returned from our trip and Shannon left, Letty followed her with her eyes and actually stared at the door for about a minute.  They definitely bonded and Letty will remember Shannon when she returns to care for her!  I cannot recommend her services more highly.” Laura Roth and Family

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“Shannon was recommended by a co-worker who hired her to pet-sit her diabetic cat. Since then I have used her several times to care for my cats one of which is a diabetic who requires insulin shots. I needed someone who was highly skilled in pet care and dependable. She is that and more – great personality and obviously cares about pets. I never worry about my cats when in her care!” Kathy Loftus

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Samantha Rose



“Shannon  is reliable, friendly and most important, she is more than just a pal to my Buddy, she is his friend with whom I can count on in a moments notice. Shannon’s Pet-Sitting is A-1 in my book and gets two paws up, and many tail wags from me and my pooch!” Eric Kinkel

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“Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding!!!! Shannon’s the best dog sitter in town. She took great care of my Boxer while we were on vacation. She even took the time to text us pictures of our dog.” Lea & Troy Radunsky

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“Shannon did a great job sitting for my pets. She kept me updated everyday and even took the time to send me pictures of them. She helped me to feel at ease while on vacation because I truly felt that my animals were in great hands. I would definately recommend her to anyone and look forward to having her sit for my pets again in the future!” Nicole Grandt

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“I love Shannon and my dogs really loved her. She keeps me up to date on what’s happening. She is great with the dogs and my oldest dog is not easily fooled so I am truly pleased with her services. Considering she had to walk the dogs separately 4 times a day it was fantastic. She out did her self. I loved how my dogs were acting when I returned. They got along great with her and they really enjoyed the time they spent with her. She did everything I asked of her including getting the mail and such. I felt that my home was safe and my dogs care was in good hands. Although I rarely need a sitter she keeps in touch and lets me know of new services.” Peggy Stiller

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“Shannon has taken care of my cats two times while I was away. My cats loved her, and they don’t even like most strangers! I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a pet sitter!!!!” Lisa Marik

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“Shannon sat for our cat, “Moby”, last week while we were on vacation. This was the first time leaving him. Moby does not warm up to anyone; after 5-7minutes of the initial meet and greet at our home, he came out of hiding and rubbed up against her leg and let Shannon pet him.

She provided her pet sitting services twice a day for a week. Everyday we received an email with a update and a picture of Moby. It’s these small touches of Shannon’s kindness and understanding that made us able to enjoy our vacation.

I cannot say enough great things about her. She is extremely kind, very professional and her prices are quite reasonable. I couldn’t ask for a better person to take care of him.

As soon as you meet Shannon, you can tell that she truely loves animals. I would definetly hire her again to sit for our Moby.” – Nikki & Bob Bilak

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“Shannon’s pet sitting is amazing!  We’ve worked with her twice and each time went so smoothly!  She’s reliable and has a great personality.  During our last vacation I told her about the troubles we were having getting out cat to take meds and she came up with a wonderful solution that has made the med giving process 100 times easier!  She’s great and I would recommend her sitting services to anyone looking for a dependable, caring person to watch their pets.” - Erin Rosenberg

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“Shannon watched my cats for me during the Thanksgiving holiday.  From our first meeting, it was clear how much she enjoys animals, which can put you at ease she’ll take wonderful care of your pets.  I had no doubt on her responsibility and dedication to making sure my pets were well cared for while I was gone.  During her visit, she let me know via text everything was okay, which is a big relief when you’re away from home!  I’m looking forward to her visiting over New Year’s, too, as are my furry boys!” - Jody Hawks

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