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Why Use a Pet Sitter?

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Mazy & Katie Happy at home with a pet sitter

Mazy & Katie







*We want to be able to depend on our friends, our family, and even our neighbors, but there is a truth that separates them from a professional pet sitter.

Your pet is a professional pet sitter’s first priority.

A professional pet sitter has an obligation to care for your pet whether their car breaks down or not.

Cali stretching happily at home with a pet sitter








When you hire a professional pet sitter, you’re hiring someone who has made a life commitment to the care of animals. Most professional pet sitters not only have pets of their own, but have chosen the profession precisely because their care for the animal kingdom is immense. A professional pet sitter not only invests in the life of your pet, but understands your care and concern as an owner. Hiring a professional pet sitter guarantees that you are hiring someone whose going to think of your pet’s needs before their own.

Champ, Cody & Moe Happy at home with a pet sitter

Champ, Cody & Moe







Professional pet sitters make sure to protect you, your pet, and even your home. Not only will most professional pet sitting services require you to sign a legally binding general service contract and veterinarian notification form, they’ll also have acquired insurance and bonding created specifically for professional pet sitters and agencies.

Hatch, Hannah & Moishe happy at home with a pet sitter

Hatch, Hannah & Moishe



These two reasons alone are those that I feel are the most important factors that separate hiring a professional pet sitter from enlisting the help of a friend. Friends are wonderful to have, but I have heard from countless clients, and experienced myself, the first hand reality of what can go wrong when your pets’ lives are not in the hands of a professional.

Some other great reasons to hire a professional pet sitter?

Your pets will never have to leave the comfort and security of their own home. This includes the added amenity of never being exposed to kennel-related diseases, or having to endure extra vaccinations simply in order to be kenneled. For many pets, life at the kennel is extremely stressful; this added stress can actually weaken your pet’s immune system and make them even more susceptible to disease.

Your pet will be able to stay on its daily food, break, and playtime schedule.

Jobie happy at home with a pet sitter








Professional pet sitters provide focused one-on-one personal care for your pets. When you hire a professional pet sitter, that specialized attention is included in their fee, not added a la carte. This one-on-one approach provides the focus needed to spot acute illnesses, changes in behavior or diet, and can prevent medical emergencies before they occur.

Professional pet sitters are often certified in pet first aid and CPR.

A professional pet sitter forms a strong bond with your pet. This bond reduces stress, provides your pet with a sense of protection and security, and prevents fear and confusion caused when multiple people are responsible for your pets care.

Max happy to be home with his pet sitter









There are many, many more reasons to hire a professional pet sitter. In the end, both you and your pets will rest easy knowing that they’re in a professional pet sitter’s care. Your pets will spend your vacation playing, snuggling, and enjoying the quiet house, while you relax on a beach in Hawaii, or – in most cases – work non-stop on that company project you’ve had to fly to another state for!!*

Look how Happy Misti is at home!




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