Renal (Kidney) Failure Pet Care
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Renal (Kidney) Failure Pet Care

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Renal (Kidney) Failure Pet Care

Kizzy Katie Renal (Kidney) Failure Pet Care

Katie (B&W) & Kizzy (Calico)


Shannon’s Pet Sitting is able to easily care for your pets with Chronic Renal Failure Disease.  Renal (Kidney) Failure is a subject that is very near & dear to my own heart.  When I was younger my family cat Katie who was only 5 years old was diagnosed with Acute Renal (Kidney ) Failure & was knocking on deaths door.  Next thing I know I’m learning how to give pills,  subcutaneous fluids and introduced to a whole new part of the pet owners world. Thanks to Katie I am where I am today in the pet industry! Then 10 years later her sister Kizzy was diagnosed with it as well.  My heart sank when I heard the news.  But luckily we caught it early and with some blood pressure medication & diet she bounced right back!  Unfortunately as our pets age  Renal Disease becomes a bigger risk & factor.  While feline chronic renal failure is progressive and terminal, with some effort, a lot of love, patience, dedication and an early diagnosis, the condition may be managed effectively for some time.  Then again the question comes up – who will take care of my pets if I have to travel or leave town? You can’t exact just have anybody come in to take care of a pet with renal failure.

As a professional pet sitter that is a certified veterinary assistant you can imagine the horror stories I have heard over the years about the unqualified pet care taker that cared for the renal failure pets.  A pet sitter caring for a dog or cat with renal failure has to be familiar with the treatment and management of this disease to know what to look for & know what to do.  Increased water consumption & urinating,  poor appetite (its critical to keep a renal failure pet eating!), depression, special low protein diet, blood pressure pills to improve blood flow to the kidneys, potassium gluconate,  Calcitriol, Azodyl (kept in the refrigerator),  and the infamous subcutaneous fluids! A personal suggestion on giving pills, Greenies “Pill Pockets” work great!

chewiefluids 2 300x225 Renal (Kidney) Failure Pet Care

Chewie the cat getting fluids

I know it was believed that low-protein diets might be beneficial for cats with CRF (I was taught & believed this), but studies indicate that low protein diets actually elevate Creatinine levels and exacerbate the anemia and muscle wastage commonly secondary to renal issues. Feeding a diet containing a high quality protein can improve the quality of life for cats with CRF. High quality proteins are easily digestible proteins such as poultry or rabbit muscle and organ meat. Grains and grain glutens are not easily digestible, and it may be desirable to avoid them.  I had Kizzy on Hills’s K/d until a company called Young Again brought this high protein diet info to my attention.  Now my Kizzy is the odd example of a kidney failure kitty & weighs in at a hefty 16 pounds! When she was diagnosed & put on the high calorie K/d her weight ballooned from 13 # up & over 16 pounds in a matter of months! I was at my wits end because not only did she need to lose weight which is bad for her kidneys, but she needed to be on this special diet.  I figured it was a catch 22 until I met Michael the owner of Young Again Pet foods.  He explained how their Cat Food could benefit with renal failure.  Cats are originally from a desert environment and process water much more slowly than other animals; that is why dehydration is so dangerous for your cat.  Hence the digestion of water and animal protein/fat are also synchronized in your cat. Carbs digest many times faster than do animal proteins causing a constant state of kidneyC 300x263 Renal (Kidney) Failure Pet Caredehydration in your cat, because the cat can not speed up their rate of water digestion to match the increased speed of carbohydrate digestion. To make matters worse, the average cat will consume 60-75 grams of any diet containing more than 5% carbs (the typical cat food has 30-40% carbs), while that same cat will only consume 25-35 grams of our food. Cats can not process sufficient water for each carb rich meal and then consuming more than twice the total amount of food each day only compounds the problem further. The reason your cat consumes more carb rich food is simple; carbs digest quickly flooding the blood stream with more energy than they can use for their metabolic needs, therefore, the excess glucose is stored by insulin as fat. Once the excess glucose has been stored the remaining high levels of insulin trigger a hunger response to get the cat to eat more food to satisfy the remaining high levels of insulin still in the blood. This scenario repeats endlessly; hence 57% of cats are over weight and kidney issues steadily increase to epidemic proportions in cats today and yet 40 years ago it was unheard of. Dry has nothing to do with kidney and UT issues only the composition of the food. Our food works because it is a carnivore food and is sync with your cat’s digestion, metabolism and water processing ability. To be presented with a diet that was grain free, would help her lose weight & work with her kidneys due to the low carbs & high proteins I was blown away! I looked at the ingredients list and in comparison Young Again’s ingredients made Hills K/d look like McDonalds! Now on the Young Again Cat Food Kizzy is more active & isn’t constantly at the food bowl gorging herself.  I invite you to vist my Young Again Discount food page on my site for more information on their great product! Young Again Pet Food Discount.

image001 Renal (Kidney) Failure Pet CareI am always willing to assist pet owners with medicating and place emphasis on this! Why? Because I have been in those shoes  & I know personally how scary and intimidating  it can be.  I have personally ridden the renal failure roller coaster from start to finish so I am easily able to relate, educate & help pet owners  in caring for their pets.  I’ve  been in the situation that the pet isn’t particularly friendly & may bite or claw.  Specializing in pets with behavioral issues or medical needs,  I will do whatever it takes to make sure that your pet gets the medical treatment they need.  I do not charge extra for giving  pills.  However, I have an additional fee for giving subcutaneous fluids due to the time & set up involved. My mission is to help renal failure pet owners so they have the opportunity & freedom to take a much needed vacation or trip out of town. Giving pet owners peace of mind that their furry friend in good knowledgeable hands and well cared for by a loving compassionate professional.

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